Thursday, May 30, 2013

I saw you out there yesterday, what did you wanna say?

 photo DSC08931_zps32b2caa7.jpg

These pics were taken one month ago, right before my trip to Belgium. Right now I'm studying and looking forward to OZON's big summer party! Who else is attending?

 photo DSC08928_zpsa62da521.jpg

About the outfit: I'm not actually the bohemian type of girl, but I really enjoy adding ethnic details to my outfits, like I did to this one: I added an ethnic print bag I bought at the Fullah Sugah bazaar and ethnic accessories (the ring is from India).
 photo DSC08942_zps6f9437c1.jpg

 photo DSC08941_zpsfb0f9502.jpg

Top: Bershka 
Skirt: Zara 
Shoes: Vekelidis 
Bag: Fullah Sugah 
Bracelet: Accessorize
 Cardigan, Earrings, Ring: Vintage

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The presentation of ZinaG collection: My outfit

 photo DSC08825_zps5aa2f303.jpg

And this is what I wore at the presentation of ZinaG collection at Sotris: The top is a birthday present from my boyfriend and I must have worn it like a hundred times already, hehe. I also wore my new statement necklace, which was love at first sight.

 photo DSC08828_zps99e48e36.jpg
 photo DSC08833_zpsf304fd8a.jpg
 photo DSC08841_zps61b7a4c2.jpg

My news: I spent the Greek Easter in Belgium with my relatives (posts coming soon) and last Friday my best friend surprised me, she came in Greece (she studies in Germany at the moment) for one week. We visited Sounio together (you guessed right, another post is coming soon). Ah, and my Sunday will be all about animal physiology: I have a dozen reports to do, because I was being a little lazy this semester (don't tell anyone!)

 photo DSC08846_zpsd9adc7a3.jpg

Top: H&M
Pants: Bershka
Bag: Zara
Pumps: Envie
Necklace: Claire's

Friday, May 24, 2013

The presentation of ZinaG collection at Sotris Kolonaki

Almost a month ago I was invited to the presentation of ZinaG collection at Sotris, Kolonaki. Zina Glou is a young Greek designer, born in 24/04/1990. At the age of 18 she chose to follow her passion for arts and design and therefore moved in Milan to study fashion design in the well known university, Instituto Marangoni. Three years later the designer moved in London where she concluded the circle of her studies with great success. Currently, she lives in Athens, where she has recently opened the official ZinaG boutique. Except for the boutique, you can also find her clothes at Sotris (Kolonaki-Golden Hall):

 photo DSC08866_zps4d645abe.jpg
 photo DSC08864_zpse352a026.jpg
 photo DSC08856_zpscb204c90.jpg
 photo DSC08857_zps21ed1dce.jpg
 photo DSC08858_zps16ad6db2.jpg
 photo DSC08860_zps53f87802.jpg

And don't forget the other collections, such as Topshop and TOMS:

 photo DSC08862_zpsbb99a18c.jpg
 photo DSC08863_zpsbf8ae7be.jpg
 photo DSC08865_zpse15364d5.jpg
 photo DSC08867_zps1a545712.jpg
 photo DSC08868_zpsa078ca9b.jpg
 photo DSC08869_zps75013fce.jpg
 photo DSC08870_zpsd676520e.jpg
 photo DSC08873_zpsab74c5e0.jpg
 photo DSC08875_zps4a5eb313.jpg
 photo DSC08874_zps95dc476c.jpg
 photo DSC08877_zps898c7a60.jpg
 photo DSC08879_zpsf8540cea.jpg
 photo DSC08886_zpsc7a3b98a.jpg

Did I mention that we were served the best mojitos ever? Such a great event!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nilaya spa: Reflect Summer

 photo DSC08816_zpsb347cc73.jpg

After a little absence, I'm back again and today I will tell you about my experience at Nilaya spa, Kifisia: I visited it in April because I was offered a full massage session, and here are the photos I took:

 photo DSC08814_zps36fd881e.jpg
 photo DSC08813_zpsc6fb93ec.jpg
 photo DSC08812_zps0a935491.jpg

the reception

 photo DSC08794_zps3efe664b.jpg
 photo DSC08796_zpsc22267de.jpg
 photo DSC08795_zps2578c51a.jpg

the ladies room

 photo DSC08801_zps2896fe5e.jpg
 photo DSC08806_zpsee60bab5.jpg
 photo DSC08807_zpse185aa6b.jpg

the double massage cabin (there are single ones, of course), in case you want to make a present to your special one

 photo DSC08799_zpsc52bba4e.jpg
 photo DSC08798_zpsd2da9dbc.jpg
the jacuzzi

So, about my session: I chose the Nilaya massage, which is actually a compilation of different massage techniques. In general, I can't easily relax and I didn't expect much, but when I came out of the massage cabin I felt extremely calm and relaxed, I would certainly go again!

If you are already convinced that you need a special treatment at the Nilaya spa, I'd recommend to check out the Carrot Smooth Bronzing treatment, which is a must if you want to look stunning at the beach, the Nilaya Hot Stone and the Nilaya Crystal massage. And ask for Sissi, she has magic hands and knows exactly what to say to make you feel comfortable!