Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Swarovski 'Secret Treasures' event

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Some days ago I attended the Swarovski 'Secret Treasures' event at Evdomos, Syntagma. We had the chance to preview the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection, which is inspired by the Silk Road: From China to the Himalayas and from India to Venice. Of course, I took some pictures for you, to see how beautiful is the new collection by yourselves:

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Doukissa Nomikou was the hostess of the evening, in the pic you can see her presenting to us the Swarovski collaboration with Shourouk, a Parisian designer of Tunisian descend:

 photo DSC09280_zps305518ff.jpg
 photo DSC09286_zps1c794284.jpg

And finally, a picture of Nikos and me. We tasted yummy finger food and sparkling wine and the music was great. We had a blast, a big thank you to Maria and Christina for the beautiful evening. As always, looking forward to the next Swarovski event!

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