Saturday, June 29, 2013

Urban Lovers by OzonRaw (ft H&M loves Music)

Many days ago I attended the Urban Lovers summer party at Romantso. It was one of the most interesting events this year, we had so much fun. But let me show you the photos I took:

First of all, there was an art exhibition:
 photo DSC09374_zps924b632c.jpg
 photo DSC09375_zps5ee6b692.jpg
 photo DSC09376_zpse9885972.jpg
 photo DSC09377_zps3b570187.jpg
 photo DSC09379_zps3e3b3fb1.jpg
 photo DSC09380_zps8c0d665c.jpg
 photo DSC09382_zps065c1ad3.jpg

Some of the best street artists in Athens worked to make this exhibition come true: Cacao Rocks, Ser, BA17, Yiakou, Scarone, This is Opium.

 photo DSC09383_zps71719223.jpg

Then, there was the Lomo wall, by Lomography Greece

 photo DSC09384_zpsc75a6462.jpg

That night we had the chance to taste the new Amstel Radler, it has became our most recent obsession:

 photo DSC09413_zpsa3dc11f1.jpg

Downstairs, we magically transferred into a festival world, where live music was necessary:

 photo DSC09389_zpsc000cdc4.jpg
 photo DSC09397_zpsaa5d5da5.jpg
 photo DSC09401_zps016e111a.jpg

There was a presentation of the H&M loves Music collection, a Divided collection inspired from the most popular festivals, such as Coachella, Glastonbury and Ibiza.

 photo DSC09393_zpsd0fd6599.jpg
 photo DSC09394_zps15c1e8d0.jpg
 photo DSC09396_zps2384c8ad.jpg
 photo DSC09398_zpsfa7b4dd3.jpg

Nikos and me

 photo DSC09400_zpsb8e3f988.jpg

May I present you...The fitting room!

 photo DSC09390_zpsb1404cdc.jpg
 photo DSC09402_zps90835f73.jpg
 photo DSC09404_zps71852c93.jpg
 photo DSC09403_zps4cb36385.jpg

We were offered the chance to try on clothes from the H&M loves Music collection (inside the Volkswagen van!) and get photographed by Giorgos Malekakis, so I wore a kimono which matched my outfit:

 photo DSC09408_zps8637bad1.jpg
 photo DSC09409_zps97f02749.jpg

Dress: Vintage
Kimono: H&M loves Music
Headband: Alexi Andriotti Accessories
Watch: Benetton
Bag: SIX (bought in Brussels)
Lace espadrilles: H&M (bought in Brussels)

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