Friday, October 18, 2013

Laskaris AXDW show: The make up rehearsal

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Some days ago I was invited to attend the make up rehearsal for the Laskaris Athens Xclusive Designers Week show. The make up was done with Make Up For Ever products, as always.
Let me show you the photos I took, just for you:

 photo DSC09873_zpsb96f51c1.jpg

Let's meet the make up artist, Freddy Kalobratsos (FREDDY MAKE UP STAGE) and the model, Alicja Troushi.

 photo DSC09875_zps26a390ec.jpg

 The make up mr Laskaris chose is inspired by the deep blue sea: He wanted the models to look like mermaids.

 photo DSC09882_zpsb021fd83.jpg

I also asked the designer about the hairstyle: He wants to create the impression that the sea breeze is blowing through the models' wavy hair.

 photo DSC09883_zpsa27e7fb7.jpg

Of course, I couldn't resist asking about the show: As you may know, mr Laskaris collaborated with Make a Wish organization to make young Fani's wish to be a fashion designer true: During his show he will present 3 dresses that Fani has designed (She will be wearing one of them in the show finale).

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Except for that, there will be 25 female and 8 male models, and a big surprise in the finale (Sorry, I promised not to reveal details, but I can assure you that the show will be really interesting).

 photo DSC09889_zps034da3a5.jpg

The collection as you have guessed is inspired by the sea. In fact, when I asked mr Laskaris to give us a hint, he smiled and said: 'Imagine of the Mermaid, the sister of Alexander the Great'.

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Back to the make up: Here is the final result, what do you think?

 photo 14thAXDWINVSideB_zpsa4a6daa9.jpg

Be sure not to miss Laskaris AXDW runway show!

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