Tuesday, November 5, 2013

14th AXDW: Day 1

On Friday, October 18th I had the pleasure to be invited to the presentation of Panos Emporio new perfumes collection. Panos Papadopoulos, the designer was there, as well as Mrs Charlotte Wrangberg, the Swedish ambassador.
 photo DSC00018_zps0b7e9b7a.jpg
 photo DSC00009_zps2e398b7d.jpg
 photo DSC00010_zps898cd277.jpg
 photo DSC00011_zps8ecefd2b.jpg
 photo DSC00012_zps87fd1483.jpg
 photo DSC00013_zps55e2d258.jpg
 photo DSC00014_zps5db78a9b.jpg

As you can see, there are 3 perfumes in the collection: Goldflower, Coco Sun, and PANOS EMPORIO L' Homme. They all take us back to sunny days and hot summer nights.

 photo DSC00016_zpsbd4f7c5c.jpg

That day I also attended the Makis Tselios fashion show. I loved the collection, it was just what we expected from the well-known Greek designer. Let me show you the pictures I took:

 photo DSC00021_zpsf386ebf9.jpg
 photo DSC00022_zpsacc52559.jpg
 photo DSC00023_zpse02f56a8.jpg
 photo DSC00027_zpsd745e2f0.jpg
 photo DSC00028_zps5f855473.jpg
 photo DSC00030_zpsf3b466a4.jpg
 photo DSC00034_zps6b764001.jpg

I borrowed the last pic from my sweet Christina (Life in Style). Click here to read her post about that night.

 photo christina_zps0f3f017e.jpg

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