Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Camper S/S 2014 preview

Some days ago I was invited at the Valuecom showroom for the Camper Spring Summer 2014 preview: We saw the women, men and kids collection, as well as the Camper Together collaborations. So, are you ready for a Techno-Casual Summer? Let's see the pictures I took for you:
 photo DSC00255_zps99d2b636.jpg
 photo DSC00256_zpse02a37e9.jpg
 photo DSC00257_zps88c0e5a0.jpg
 photo DSC00262_zps40c3e2b5.jpg
 photo DSC00258_zpsb3788d5f.jpg
 photo DSC00259_zpsf66cb4f3.jpg
 photo DSC00261_zps5a09ebad.jpg
 photo DSC00264_zps3797c111.jpg
 photo DSC00266_zpsd53752a4.jpg
 photo DSC00267_zpsbe91c202.jpg
 photo DSC00268_zps1a778a75.jpg
 photo DSC00269_zps7f3089e5.jpg
 photo DSC00271_zps4620d004.jpg
 photo DSC00272_zpsdac85fe6.jpg
 photo DSC00273_zps93e82e51.jpg
 photo DSC00274_zpsce13f67d.jpg
 photo DSC00275_zps7b57964c.jpg
 photo DSC00276_zps059d3f55.jpg

Really interesting designs, aren't they?

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