Saturday, December 7, 2013

New York Weekends at the.flat

Last Saturday Litsa and I visited the.flat (14, Karamanlaki street, Athens), to attend the opening of the 'New York Weekends'.

 photo DSC00384_zps29abd3b2.jpg

First of all, what is the.flat? Well, according to the flat.mates, the.flat is a non-profit space ready to welcome and host creative activities of friends and artists with unconditional ideas during the recession time. And well, as you may have guessed, it's actually an apartment.

 photo DSC00385_zps1f8cfb09.jpg

About the New York Wekends now: To begin with, if you enjoy reading as much as I do, you can find rare magazines and books about New York in the reading room.

 photo DSC00387_zps44eacbea.jpg
 photo DSC00388_zpsa3ef3600.jpg
 photo DSC00389_zpsc7d226c4.jpg

When it's time to use the Water Closet (aka the bathroom), be careful:

 photo DSC00390_zps349dc5f6.jpg
 photo DSC00392_zps9ae41626.jpg

Then, there is the kitchen:

 photo DSC00393_zps1a459cf3.jpg

(Jesus is Coming. Look Busy)

 photo DSC00394_zps705caf66.jpg

 photo DSC00395_zps1ff2a3b0.jpg
 photo DSC00396_zps1b58f350.jpg

'I was looking for some apple cider'

 photo DSC00402_zps5f333a62.jpg


(Litsa and I never miss the chance to take silly pictures)

 photo DSC00403_zpscb9682b2.jpg

During December you will also have the chance to enjoy the photo exhibition of Apostolos Douras:

 photo DSC00407_zps825d8b88.jpg

It's all about the streets of New York.

 photo DSC00408_zpsbdf49e6f.jpg

Let's visit the living room now:

 photo DSC00410_zps621c3923.jpg
 photo DSC00411_zps28a0455b.jpg
 photo DSC00414_zps2037a190.jpg

I forgot to mention that there was an unplugged concert: Gypsy George came all the way from Brooklyn to perform at the opening night.

 photo DSC00418_zps8e614e5a.jpg
 photo DSC00422_zpsf9afeb30.jpg

'New York, New York'

 photo DSC00423_zps0a46fd2c.jpg

There is even a bedroom:

 photo DSC00425_zps3ad4ea1d.jpg
 photo DSC00427_zpsca0be76b.jpg
 photo DSC00428_zpscea72a04.jpg
 photo DSC00429_zps7851bdbe.jpg

'He was cute, not at all abominable'

 photo DSC00443_zpsb30a928e.jpg


 photo DSC00452_zpsc63ae7a0.jpg

Somersby apple cider: We approve

 photo DSC00453_zpsae5d6237.jpg

Gypsy George performing live, in the living room.

 photo DSC00454_zpscdc3261c.jpg

'I mustache you a question'

 photo DSC00456_zps8fed7622.jpg

Litsa with the adorable and talented Gypsy George.

New York Weekends at the.flat:

8/12: American Brunch (13:00)
13/12: Flat.Screen Double Bill (21:00)
15/12: Deer and Hot Chocolate (12:00-21:00)
21&22/12: Cupcakes and Carols (12:00-21:00)

See you there!

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