Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Swarovski Spring-Summer 2014: Imprints

'For Spring/Summer 2014, and for the first time, Swarovski is paying homage to art. From tribal craftsmanship to contemporary art, this new collection is based on earthy tones and brilliant primary colors. Ethnic cultures meet artistic movements in original combinations of simple and sophisticated materials, with Swarovski’s characteristic twist of modernity and femininity.'

 photo DSC00460_zpsa8c478d4.jpg
 photo DSC00461_zps96704f6b.jpg
 photo DSC00462_zps87ad8d3f.jpg
 photo DSC00464_zps1ea6787c.jpg
 photo DSC00465_zpsac13ad26.jpg
 photo DSC00466_zps32012d29.jpg
 photo DSC00467_zps71a2442a.jpg
 photo DSC00468_zps06e96b5b.jpg
 photo DSC00469_zps2d7216d4.jpg
 photo DSC00471_zps8f8594f1.jpg
 photo DSC00473_zpsdaacb0d1.jpg
 photo DSC00474_zps91cf1cd4.jpg
 photo DSC00475_zps53fe14ea.jpg
 photo DSC00477_zps14c62ced.jpg
 photo DSC00480_zps689c2d9d.jpg
 photo DSC00481_zps77cf9ba1.jpg
 photo DSC00482_zpsa6bfe271.jpg
 photo DSC00484_zps81b68094.jpg
 photo DSC00485_zpsc1c5c823.jpg
 photo DSC00487_zpsd2cb41d5.jpg
 photo DSC00489_zpsdc0f44e4.jpg
 photo DSC00491_zps864deeb0.jpg
 photo DSC00492_zpsca8ce5bc.jpg
 photo DSC00493_zpse3b09295.jpg

These pics were taken on December at Blank! Urban Space, where my friend Litsa and I had the chance to see and get informed about the new Swarovski collection.

 photo DSC00504_zpsac75ad4c.jpg

I was wearing:
Dress: Raxevsky
Bag: Lollipops
Pumps: Envie
Stockings: Calzedonia
Necklace: Accessorize

 photo DSC00513_zps04f1b614.jpg

I forgot to mention that Mirto Kazi was our DJ and there were delicious finger food and drinks. I really liked the cocktail with blue curacao (bonus points: my drink and my nails were matching haha)

 photo DSC00527_zps8a37f9d9.jpg
 photo DSC00539_zps6b7b785d.jpg

Cheers to a great event!

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