Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ozon Wishlist 2014

2 weeks ago Litsa and I visited the OzonRaw Headquarters, to attend the first Ozon event of the year: A photo exhibition featuring products and brands we love. Let me show you the pictures I took:

 photo DSC00811_zps3fc7bb5d.jpg
 photo DSC00817_zpsf55f75b6.jpg
 photo DSC00818_zpseaa91fdb.jpg
 photo DSC00821_zps500fde20.jpg
 photo DSC00822_zpsae84f02d.jpg
 photo DSC00824_zps8dfef74b.jpg
 photo DSC00825_zps42b3ae56.jpg
 photo DSC00827_zps925465e6.jpg
 photo DSC00828_zps9c5e5810.jpg
 photo DSC00830_zpsc244df20.jpg
 photo DSC00832_zps55ec1dec.jpg
 photo DSC00834_zps48503c31.jpg
 photo DSC00835_zpsf0e49e68.jpg

-F**king Scheisse-

 photo DSC00837_zpsf2536272.jpg

Li's hot outfit:

 photo DSC00839_zpsc7e428d8.jpg

-Enjoying an amazing Absolut Vodka cocktail-

 photo DSC00842_zps4200f7cf.jpg
 photo DSC00843_zps61fb00cc.jpg

My outfit: Comfy, warm, girlie. I just love the combination of pink and black.

 photo DSC00846_zpsdd38f042.jpg

Dress: H&M
Stockings: Calzedonia
Pumps: Envie
Bag: Lollipops
Headband: Oysho
Bracelet, Earrings: Accessorize
Watch: Foli Follie

 photo DSC00847_zpsbb9d39d0.jpg
 photo DSC00852_zps6e10fd3c.jpg

Selfie time, it's the best time!

 photo DSC00859_zpsc7fc114a.jpg

We had so much fun, can't wait for the next event!

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