Monday, September 1, 2014

H&M: Fall 2014

(After a long absence during summer, I'm here, as promised). Back in June I visited the H&M showroom for the Fall 2014 collection press preview. Here are the pictures I took:

The Men's Collection: Take your special one out for a shopping spree and this autumn you two are going to be the most stylish couple. Again.

 photo DSC01651_zps59538f17.jpg
 photo DSC01652_zpsafea5e28.jpg
 photo DSC01653_zpsdb79a5b7.jpg
 photo DSC01654_zpsd97b54ed.jpg
 photo DSC01655_zpsb6a086af.jpg
 photo DSC01656_zpsb155756c.jpg
 photo DSC01657_zps47fdf63c.jpg
 photo DSC01658_zpsec661bd3.jpg
 photo DSC01659_zps0b19bdce.jpg

The Women's Collection: Summer is officially gone, but there's no reason to be moody. New clothes always cheer us up and we get to choose between bright colors, crop tops and 90's craziness (Hello red leather pants that Buffy would totally wear, you stole my heart), or elegant black power suits and lingerie-like clothing.

 photo DSC01660_zps18c68dd7.jpg
 photo DSC01661_zps3d6c0b7f.jpg
 photo DSC01662_zps99781d07.jpg
 photo DSC01664_zpsafa82987.jpg
 photo DSC01665_zpsd9854fd7.jpg
 photo DSC01666_zpsb516b6c9.jpg
 photo DSC01667_zps250ad3a5.jpg
 photo DSC01668_zps73e7a883.jpg
 photo DSC01670_zps0b422f95.jpg
 photo DSC01671_zps0850555c.jpg
 photo DSC01673_zps44786754.jpg
 photo DSC01674_zps707648c8.jpg
 photo DSC01675_zps8039eb2d.jpg
 photo DSC01676_zps641350c3.jpg
 photo DSC01678_zps1e591abf.jpg
 photo DSC01680_zps8e7dd4c3.jpg
 photo DSC01682_zpsfadd3803.jpg
 photo DSC01681_zps95810125.jpg
 photo DSC01683_zps44b02f8e.jpg
 photo DSC01685_zps8ececad2.jpg
 photo DSC01686_zps7e60f9b2.jpg
 photo DSC01687_zpse0db72c7.jpg
 photo DSC01688_zpse8dfdee9.jpg

H&M Fall 2014 Collection: Already available.
Have a great month- and be sure not to miss the #HMGlyfada Opening Party this Thursday!

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