Monday, November 24, 2014

Fullah Sugah: Fall/Winter 2014-2015

(My long absence was caused by studying, technical problems and an inner need to 'rehab'. I'm back now, with a few new ideas.)

Back in October I was invited to the brand new Fullah Sugah showroom, where I had the chance to view the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection. There was also a catwalk: Models from 'Future Model Management' had their hair and make up done by the 'Freddy Make up Stage' team and wore, of course, Fullah Sugah clothes and accessories from the new collection.

Let's take a look at the F/W collection:

 photo DSC02075_zps8b1e81b5.jpg
 photo DSC02077_zps9dfbb84e.jpg
 photo DSC02078_zps4110b066.jpg
 photo DSC02083_zps0e7a31f5.jpg
 photo DSC02084_zps23ec011c.jpg
 photo DSC02086_zpsdebb2941.jpg
 photo DSC02088_zps7f2e7ac1.jpg
 photo DSC02089_zps5b153db0.jpg
 photo DSC02090_zps4569407c.jpg
 photo DSC02091_zps136b9fc0.jpg
 photo DSC02094_zps3a2097d6.jpg

Body-painting before the fashion show:

 photo DSC02104_zps8ddeed3e.jpg
 photo DSC02105_zpsfb1871e8.jpg
 photo DSC02108_zps4837e05a.jpg
 photo DSC02109_zps58681daa.jpg
 photo DSC02110_zps64df86d6.jpg
 photo DSC02111_zpsf2b50d42.jpg
 photo DSC02113_zps79ac0789.jpg
 photo DSC02125_zps21e7abbb.jpg
 photo DSC02126_zps862853a9.jpg
 photo DSC02127_zpsc6205913.jpg
 photo DSC02128_zpsa3b8f8d7.jpg
 photo DSC02130_zps0b896997.jpg
 photo DSC02131_zps85b76cea.jpg
 photo DSC02132_zpsdcb26d59.jpg
 photo DSC02134_zps4853a002.jpg

My outfit: I combined my black maxi dress with my brother's denim jacket and a messy ponytail to make it look less formal. I had to add a statement necklace for some extra glamour though.

 photo DSC02135_zps8385a575.jpg

 photo DSC02138_zps76d6c7ac.jpg

 Dress: Stradivarius
Denim Jacket: Zara Man
Statement necklace: H&M (Fall-Winter 2014 collection)
Clutch: Handmade
Earrings: Vintage

 photo DSC02140_zps8a0f0ac7.jpg

I'd like to thank the Fullah Sugah team for the beautiful event, looking forward to the next ones!