Monday, December 1, 2014

The Women's Secret Store

Women's Secret, in case you haven't already heard, is a huge Spanish lingerie brand. Last month the first Women's Secret store opened in Greece (at the Athens Metro Mall to be more specific) and I was lucky enough to be invited at the opening. We enjoyed cupcakes, cocktails and we had the chance to view first the F/W collection. I have to admit that I wasn't familiar with the brand until then, but I was truly amazed by the adorable designs, the colors and the quality in the underwear (and homewear). They are exactly my cup of tea: Girly, comfortable and undeniably sexy. Take a look for yourselves:

 photo DSC02166_zpsaf14fec9.jpg

The maternity corner

 photo DSC02168_zpsbab73e6a.jpg

Cool homewear

 photo DSC02169_zps9d1ae6a9.jpg
 photo DSC02170_zps76eb3b73.jpg

There's also a men's corner!

 photo DSC02173_zps6f28fe22.jpg

Mickey Mouse underwear

 photo DSC02175_zps6ed7dfe2.jpg

Who doesn't love Garfield?

 photo DSC02176_zpsd54a7eaa.jpg

Cute and comfy PJs

 photo DSC02178_zps3fa28a1b.jpg
 photo DSC02180_zps0a5ea4d3.jpg
 photo DSC02182_zps2116f627.jpg

Romantic lingerie

 photo DSC02183_zps41d67ffa.jpg
 photo DSC02185_zps4be8f33e.jpg
 photo DSC02186_zps274bd9ae.jpg
 photo DSC02188_zpsb63658dc.jpg
 photo DSC02189_zps1e89b532.jpg

Halloween designs

 photo DSC02190_zps25e674f7.jpg
 photo DSC02191_zps60afb63c.jpg

'Believe me, I can fly'
(My boyfriend actually gifted me this one)

 photo DSC02192_zpsfd47fd4d.jpg
 photo DSC02193_zps9351d3f2.jpg
 photo DSC02195_zps42fc7ef4.jpg

The perfect shade of pink

 photo DSC02198_zps13c2f8c0.jpg

*Dreaming with you*

 photo DSC02200_zpsf44dbcb4.jpg

Hug me! (please)

 photo DSC02201_zps28ff65c7.jpg
 photo DSC02202_zps2914339a.jpg
 photo DSC02204_zpsbd80e281.jpg

Selfies with the boyfriend

 photo DSC02205_zps69722f5f.jpg

*Day dreaming*

 photo DSC02206_zps1d90e49b.jpg
 photo DSC02208_zps6c2878bb.jpg

 photo DSC02210_zpsff71f612.jpg
 photo DSC02213_zpsc8a22cfe.jpg
 photo DSC02226_zpsf6e95eca.jpg

'Pretty, comfortable and sexy'
(He looks kinda grumpy here)

 photo DSC02241_zps1919c78d.jpg

Bat Girl PJs? Yes please

 photo DSC02243_zps492ca293.jpg

The outfit: Something rather simple (I had to go to the uni earlier)
Top, Necklace, Rose ring: Vintage-Skirt: Lussile-Pumps: Envie-Stockings: Oysho, Watch: Folli Folie

 photo DSC02231_zps56af78ce.jpg

Note: The Christmas 2014 collection has already arrived at the Women's Secret store, so be sure to visit it and buy a little gift for yourself and your loved ones!

Have a great month!

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