Monday, November 23, 2015

Balmain x H&M: The party

Today's post is about the #hmbalmaination exclusive party that took place at the H&M flagship store (54 Ermou str, Athens) 2 days before the official launch of the collection: There was a live performance by Ilia Darlin, amazing Momix cocktails and of course we had the chance to shop the collection first!

 photo DSC03741_zpsm0qyxaex.jpg
 photo DSC03731_zps0mjx5f5o.jpg
 photo DSC03735_zps9bqlekfu.jpg
 photo DSC03736_zpsagcploj3.jpg
 photo DSC03740_zpshqte5l6r.jpg
 photo DSC03749_zpsbcvomln2.jpg

 photo DSC03752_zpsswn2ia7w.jpg

My outfit: Lace shorts and tights from H&M

 photo DSC03756_zpsa5exouvo.jpg
 photo DSC03767_zpssnysk2th.jpg


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

H&M check in fashion: Stay at Grand H&M

In case you haven't already heard, there's a brand new H&M flagship store located at 11, Ermou str, Syntagma and it's the biggest H&M store in Greece: It includes an 'H&M Home' floor, as well as an 'H&M beauty' department. Today's post is about the pre-opening VIP party (I'm also giving you a mini-tour of the store):

 photo DSC03677_zpsgf6efyj8.jpg
 photo DSC03678_zpsgawkaa7t.jpg

There was some great music up on the 2nd floor.

 photo DSC03679_zpsbyhamhwy.jpg

This floor is all about women fashion: In this instagram pic I'm wearing the lovely fur coat you can see here.

 photo DSC03691_zps8hvcvihe.jpg

I'm in love with this dress and these shoes: See how you can wear them here

 photo DSC03681_zpsmydhwral.jpg
 photo DSC03685_zpsxhvrppb5.jpg

Ok, I love this too. Perfect with boots and a tiny clutch

 photo DSC03686_zpsltsncx7p.jpg

Kristina Bazan from Kaytoure attended the party, wearing a Balmain x H&M total look

 photo DSC03692_zpshkt8tpoh.jpg

The H&M Beauty department, still on 2nd floor

 photo DSC03695_zpsi6zxrhxj.jpg

Back to the ground floor for a while

 photo DSC03693_zpsyfxzx7si.jpg

Selfies with my love at the 1st floor: You can find the H&M tights I'm wearing in the underwear section.

 photo DSC03697_zpsb1ug6571.jpg

And my favorite floor: -1, the H&M Home section. Athens totally needed this!

 photo DSC03700_zpsjhyubory.jpg

Who can say no to these adorable pillows?

 photo DSC03696_zps0eicwuqt.jpg

So. Many. Candles.

 photo DSC03718_zpsq9ypjrry.jpg
 photo DSC03714_zps7doepug5.jpg

Is this the best shower curtain or what?

 photo DSC03701_zpsufgn9ooc.jpg

'Damn it's so nice here'

 photo DSC03709_zpsfrfnooav.jpg

I didn't drink that much, I was just excited because of the soft towels behind me. 

 photo DSC03727_zpshnmhhi7p.jpg

Polka dot tea cups and cereal bowls. Yes plase.

 photo DSC03726_zpsqsmaeqhx.jpg


 photo kitty_zps41iq66x4.jpg

(Wearing H&M necklace, sparkly bra and tights)

A big thanks to the H&M team for the amazing party and the lovely gifts.

Don't forget: The Balmain x H&M collection launches tomorrow!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

My heart is blue for you

In case you didn't already know, I'm actually a biology student (and hopefully I'll graduate next year). So, today's post is about my outfit for the Pediatric Hematology&Oncology Symposium that took place at the King George Hotel a couple of weeks ago:
 photo DSC03514_zpsn1a6boaf.jpg
 photo DSC03526_zpsbevmihvg.jpg
 photo DSC03527_zpslxqirpji.jpg
 photo DSC03540_zpsdxvxv5ut.jpg

Knitted top: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Carpisa
Pumps: Envie
Earrings: Accessorize, Bracelets: vintage

***Happy Halloween***

Saturday, October 24, 2015

AXDW Backstage: Model fittings for the Leon show

Today's post is about the model fittings for the Leon by Ilias Wia S/S 2016 collection which was presented yesterday, on the first day of the Athens Xclusive Designers Week.

 photo DSC03566_zpsnr0zgag8.jpg

Wait. What exactly happens at model fittings?
All the selected models are there and one by one try on the outfit(s) that the designer has already picked for them to see if they fit. Then, with the valuable help of the rest of the team, accessories are picked, final adjustments are made and every outfit is photographed. In addition, all the adjustments needed are written down on a notebook. Everything has to be perfect for the big day!

When and where did they take place?
Almost one week before the show, at the Atheneum Intercontinental Hotel. As a blogger, I had the pleasure to be invited and I took so many spontaneous and fun pics.

Cool! Can we see them now?


 photo DSC03565_zpspny6g592.jpg
 photo DSC03571_zpsyk5jdrbq.jpg
 photo DSC03573_zpsk7ctxcym.jpg
 photo DSC03576_zpskmfbukig.jpg
 photo DSC03579_zpsmc3z7re4.jpg
 photo DSC03582_zpscos40ol2.jpg
 photo DSC03583_zpszqj631qm.jpg
 photo DSC03585_zpsrjmkwchd.jpg
 photo DSC03588_zpsfe3dpuo0.jpg
 photo DSC03591_zpssym4cqgm.jpg
 photo DSC03592_zpsex753vmc.jpg
 photo DSC03595_zpsrgk8eiyc.jpg
 photo DSC03596_zpsobs5c4ls.jpg
 photo DSC03597_zpsg0iuto7e.jpg
 photo DSC03599_zpsgg5jsbwy.jpg
 photo DSC03603_zpscfgnj1dc.jpg
 photo DSC03605_zpsnhbsfqne.jpg
 photo DSC03606_zpsaxu5sc4x.jpg
 photo DSC03616_zpswhuidnys.jpg
 photo DSC03619_zps3v4ko1eb.jpg
 photo DSC03623_zpsre7xqhr1.jpg
 photo DSC03629_zpssymnznpb.jpg
 photo DSC03634_zps1ovqlocw.jpg
 photo DSC03637_zpswt9ndmhx.jpg
 photo DSC03638_zps29yxsaci.jpg
 photo DSC03640_zpscvdb15at.jpg
 photo DSC03646_zps6qzpa3ek.jpg
 photo DSC03647_zpsqacrpl5s.jpg
 photo DSC03648_zpsxwxy4svy.jpg
 photo DSC03651_zps2vmngkpk.jpg
 photo DSC03658_zpslgntul8u.jpg
 photo DSC03659_zps6k8mqkbf.jpg
 photo DSC03661_zpskexclk29.jpg
 photo DSC03665_zps9qptwnlh.jpg
 photo DSC03666_zpsddormq8w.jpg
 photo DSC03667_zpsu7aba7tc.jpg
 photo DSC03676_zpsnnockjpp.jpg