Monday, May 18, 2015


Summer is almost here and I bet you started planning your vacation. Maybe this year you're travelling abroad. And what's the first thing we should buy when planning to travel 'par avion'? A good suitcase, of course.
So, today's post is about my RIMOWA adventure at the Salon de Bricolage :

 photo DSC02743_zpsuzep1lze.jpg
 photo DSC02747_zpskb716lc0.jpg
 photo DSC02748_zpsacwdm08z.jpg
 photo DSC02750_zpsdsyli677.jpg
 photo DSC02752_zpstlgdb6w7.jpg
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 photo DSC02758_zps3jovdvwx.jpg
 photo DSC02759_zpsnbfyarpz.jpg
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 photo DSC02761_zpsoybjrc2b.jpg
 photo DSC02763_zpst8jj1h0w.jpg
 photo DSC02764_zps09gtu52b.jpg
 photo DSC02765_zpsqweheqf3.jpg

 RIMOWA was founded in 1898 by Paul Morszeck in Cologne, Germany, and has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality performance luxury luggage for more than one hundred years.

This season, the brand proudly presents ONYX-the exclusive business class:

 photo DSC02768_zps8yisjyje.jpg

'ONYX combines the best of two worlds: the lightness of the high-tech material polycarbonate and the classic elegance of matte silver aluminium. The result is an exclusive and high-quality business collection which impresses through its many details.'

 photo DSC02772_zpseblmnyow.jpg

You can find the ONYX collection at the RIMOWA store (Golden Hall, 37A Kifisias Avenue).
P.S. Did you know that RIMOWA has been cast in many, many movies? Check out the list here!