Monday, July 27, 2015

H&M A/W 2015-2016 collection

In the middle of this wet, hot (American) summer -heh- I decided to tease you with a preview of the H&M Studio A/W collection: This autumn H&M takes us to outer space (and hopefully Chris Pratt will be around).

 photo DSC03096_zps9tn2qif0.jpg

Let's start with the kids collection, for all the tiny Star-Lords out there:

 photo DSC03105_zpsfl7pv8bf.jpg
 photo DSC03106_zpslc7qohmp.jpg
 photo DSC03101_zpsesxu5hjk.jpg
 photo DSC03104_zpsapqnddwf.jpg

This skirt. Everyone loved it.

 photo DSC03099_zpspssrknjn.jpg

-Awesome accessories-

 photo DSC03100_zps3gu5k9dr.jpg

What do you mean 'kids collection'? It's a MUST-HAVE!

 photo DSC03142_zpstvkk2ilx.jpg

Highlights from the men collection

 photo DSC03141_zpsvjlv49pb.jpg
 photo DSC03140_zpsjuqvojeb.jpg

And of course, my favorites from the women collection:

 photo DSC03145_zpsugorjlmw.jpg
 photo DSC03143_zpsotpvx5be.jpg
 photo DSC03144_zpsbccnff4i.jpg
 photo DSC03097_zpshfogrcqt.jpg
 photo DSC03108_zpsrfc0zsl1.jpg
 photo DSC03110_zpsukysganc.jpg
 photo DSC03111_zpsrhnd2xab.jpg
 photo DSC03114_zpss3qlnpwb.jpg
 photo DSC03119_zpsqrevb9mk.jpg
 photo DSC03112_zpsokxxxeof.jpg
 photo DSC03132_zpsxf3lnp7d.jpg
 photo DSC03134_zpsqlo0xcx9.jpg
 photo DSC03116_zpssl1dmzs6.jpg

In case you didn't know, the H&M showroom has an amazing view. And it's also a moon.

 photo DSC03137_zpsakylgwlb.jpg
 photo DSC03147_zps9kivkxdq.jpg
 photo DSC03148_zpsglf9vchz.jpg

As always, there was a great buffet...

 photo DSC03150_zpspqspqp4i.jpg


 photo DSC03126_zpsieft3znn.jpg

...and blue Momix cocktails (I love blue cocktails)

 photo DSC03125_zpshxww6nn7.jpg

Nikos is wearing a tee from the H&M Summer 2015 collection

 photo DSC03172_zps7oxpsogh.jpg

My dress is also from H&M

 photo DSC03173_zpsu1wf4ebj.jpg

Of course, if I knew we were leaving Earth I would wear something more practical. Thankfully, we didn't have to hitchhike. (The movie puns are strong with this one)

 photo DSC03149_zpswsww7lnm.jpg

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TOUS: Tender Stories

Sales season is officially here and this means up to 50% off on our favorite TOUS S/S 2015 jewelry and accessories:
 photo DSC03048_zpsvza63bst.jpg
 photo DSC03049_zpscimeo9t9.jpg
 photo DSC03050_zpsz8g17zzp.jpg
 photo DSC03051_zpsyezdftrz.jpg
 photo DSC03052_zpsaqhi7zqx.jpg
 photo DSC03053_zpseoldwmhs.jpg
 photo DSC03055_zpsd2x2vjcn.jpg
 photo DSC03056_zps62dxjex7.jpg
 photo DSC03058_zps6kney4l5.jpg
 photo DSC03059_zpskz2bplkx.jpg
 photo DSC03068_zpsmlcm79go.jpg
 photo DSC03065_zpsjbki87kc.jpg

Pics taken at the TOUS Syntagma store (5A, Panepistimiou str, Syntagma) during the #tenderstories event.

Monday, July 13, 2015


These pics were taken so many weeks ago, on the European night of Museums. Nikos and I decided to visit the Eygenides Foundation (we both had visited it as kids). That night was incredibly beautiful, fulled with childhood memories, and I wanted to post these pictures, I really did. But so many things happened (hint: I live in Greece) and updating my 'fashion/style' blog just didn't feel right. Until now: We still have no clue about our country's future, our economy's future, our own future, but I need to take a break from being miserable and start focusing on small, beautiful things that make me smile. Like a 'Belle' yellow dress, or Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler is my spirit animal). Let's hope it will all work out eventually, one way or another.

 photo DSC02978_zpsh0sn370x.jpg
 photo DSC02983_zpsbnpisqvv.jpg
 photo DSC02987_zpstwly3lka.jpg
 photo DSC02997_zpsmdxeberq.jpg
 photo DSC02999_zpsveskd6oq.jpg
 photo DSC03001_zpsxecjq8ca.jpg
 photo DSC03004_zpssfqejxa7.jpg
 photo DSC03008_zpsovpzb913.jpg