Monday, July 13, 2015


These pics were taken so many weeks ago, on the European night of Museums. Nikos and I decided to visit the Eygenides Foundation (we both had visited it as kids). That night was incredibly beautiful, fulled with childhood memories, and I wanted to post these pictures, I really did. But so many things happened (hint: I live in Greece) and updating my 'fashion/style' blog just didn't feel right. Until now: We still have no clue about our country's future, our economy's future, our own future, but I need to take a break from being miserable and start focusing on small, beautiful things that make me smile. Like a 'Belle' yellow dress, or Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler is my spirit animal). Let's hope it will all work out eventually, one way or another.

 photo DSC02978_zpsh0sn370x.jpg
 photo DSC02983_zpsbnpisqvv.jpg
 photo DSC02987_zpstwly3lka.jpg
 photo DSC02997_zpsmdxeberq.jpg
 photo DSC02999_zpsveskd6oq.jpg
 photo DSC03001_zpsxecjq8ca.jpg
 photo DSC03004_zpssfqejxa7.jpg
 photo DSC03008_zpsovpzb913.jpg

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