Monday, September 28, 2015

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars

Autumn is here and I really can't wait to start wearing warmer clothes. I'm currently studying for my exams (what a surprise) and that means I don't go out a lot, but I recently created a new instagram account for my blog: @thesugarplumfairy_net. Show me some love, will you?

Today's post is about a comfy everyday outfit (You can add a cardigan if the weather is chilly!)

 photo DSC03272_zps8mmseefm.jpg
 photo DSC03268_zpsqgu9jn6p.jpg
 photo DSC03283_zpsuhsavsou.jpg

Top, Bag, Necklace, Rings: H&M
Denim shorts (underneath): Bershka
Shoes: Vekelidis

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Harry Potter Week: Part 2

These pics were taken exactly one year ago, during the 2nd (and probably the last) Harry Potter week. Apparently, Cap Cap can no longer use the Harry Potter logo so this year they're hosting a 'Wizardfest'. Anyway, since all time-turners are destroyed, I stored my memories in the Pensieve and now they can be viewed by you:

 photo DSC01853_zpszsquhegb.jpg

The astronomy tower, the tallest tower at Hogwarts Castle.

 photo DSC01849_zps0oposegi.jpg

Same old same old. Every year, a wild Slytherin's heir appears.

 photo DSC01851_zpsgnawunie.jpg

These broomsticks belonged to Fred and George Weasley, beaters in the Gryffindor Quidditch team. 
RIP Fred. Always in our hearts.

 photo DSC01854_zpsqizw58ch.jpg


 photo DSC01856_zpsfssl1sln.jpg

The decoration was amazingly beautiful.

 photo DSC01857_zpss5oyakg6.jpg

All the 4 houses together.

 photo DSC01859_zps1lsvblqv.jpg

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good. Can I eat now?
 photo DSC01861_zpst0xoyig9.jpg

'What's that, Peter Pettigrew? But he's dead'

 photo DSC01863_zpsavbowyga.jpg

Remember, this staircase contains a trick step.

 photo DSC01865_zps6zctc0j2.jpg

Fav book: 7
Funnier book: 5
Most feels: 3 (Although I was crying non-stop while reading book 7)

 photo DSC01866_zpshmvk2l1i.jpg

Cute merch

 photo DSC01868_zpscctqailk.jpg

I don't know how they saved these from uncle Vernon but good job, good job.

 photo DSC01869_zpsqnminumg.jpg

Hedwig you are missed.

 photo DSC01870_zpsfeygvn0s.jpg
 photo DSC01871_zpsfxsvdcvj.jpg

Arthur Weasley would be totally excited about this.

 photo DSC01872_zpskwpfl0hj.jpg

Finally, our drinks: Fake unicorn blood and butter beer.

 photo DSC01873_zpsiwcvlmr6.jpg


 photo DSC01877_zpsunmfesg6.jpg

Yes, I'm house Ravenclaw.

 photo DSC01880_zpsdzx7lrmq.jpg

'Can you keep a secret, Tom?'
(Helga Hufflepuff's cup)

 photo DSC01882_zpsmrm0z0ew.jpg
 photo DSC01883_zps7zrmeyqf.jpg

Hey Fawkes. Hey Albus.

 photo DSC01884_zpsmz5oxxor.jpg

Be careful with this, it's not the diary of a wimpy kid!

 photo DSC01885_zpsufxvdwaw.jpg

Notice the autographed picture of Gilderoy Lockhart (lel)

 photo DSC01886_zpsjq88kzsq.jpg

Ah, the feels.

 photo DSC01887_zpsxpgwaorf.jpg

Minerva's hat

 photo DSC01890_zpsgd5m8dxi.jpg

Undesirable #1

 photo DSC01891_zpsc3vtrizr.jpg

The blue poster was the invitation to the Yule Ball.

 photo DSC01892_zps7uqkdun7.jpg

In this picture we can see Rowena Ravenclaw's tiara as well as the parchment that was signed by members of the Dumbledore's army. (In your face Marietta. Literally)

 photo DSC01894_zpsrxrbvacj.jpg

A Diagon Alley map is always useful (you don't want to end up roaming in Knockturn Alley, do you?)

 photo DSC01895_zpskjzo2ome.jpg

Ollivander did a great job with these.

 photo DSC01896_zpsk1abpjno.jpg

The first one. It is not the original, of course.

 photo DSC01898_zpsalhygrht.jpg

Ron's favorite Quidditch team.

 photo DSC01906_zpsqlq7qtlr.jpg

Aaand finally my outfit:
Vintage top
Skirt: Jennyfer
Bag: Six (bought in Brussels)
Shoes: Bershka
Watch: Foli Follie, Bracelet: Accessorize, Golden Snitch Necklace bought from Cap Cap

 photo DSC01917_zpsy06pujgd.jpg

Attention people: I had red hair back then! (For like, 2 weeks. I'm actually a Metamorphmagus like Tonks, but I hide it well).

 photo DSC01927_zpszxgbrsvy.jpg