Monday, March 28, 2016

Kathy Heyndels AXDW show: The hair styling rehearsal

Today I had the pleasure to attend the hair styling rehearsal for the Kathy Heyndels Athens Xclusive Designers Week show, which took place at the Vasilis Diamantopoulos school. 

 photo DSC04196_zps6qryxwfl.jpg

The girl in the picture is actually a friend of the designer and not one of the models. She's incredibly pretty nevertheless, as you will see yourself in the next photos:

 photo DSC04204_zpstem2ynkb.jpg

The transformation has begun: Vasilis Diamantopoulos and his lovely mother are following the designer's instructions to create the desired runway look.

 photo DSC04205_zpsnwjvm9fl.jpg
 photo DSC04207_zpskdymgbvb.jpg
 photo DSC04210_zpscecpzebg.jpg
 photo DSC04211_zpstikigaep.jpg
 photo DSC04213_zps5yh2ib1e.jpg
 photo DSC04220_zpsym8bnsn3.jpg

As you can see, the key words are curls and volume.

 photo DSC04221_zpsw7oujsfc.jpg

All the hair styling products used were from Rene Furterer.

 photo DSC04223_zps5bc7p4kv.jpg

The team is very pleased with the result:

 photo DSC04226_zpsr8qq5hyb.jpg

The Kathy Heyndels F/W 2016-2017 collection will be presented on Friday, April 8th, during the Athens Xclusive Designers Week, which will take place at the Conference Center of Ethniki Asfalistiki from 8 to 11 of April. For more info, visit the AXDW website.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Toi&Moi: The Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Some pics that I took at the Toi&Moi presentation the other day at the Kifisia store (34, Kiriazi str):

 photo DSC03984_zpssuofujfk.jpg
 photo DSC03961_zpsihwa99qx.jpg
 photo DSC03966_zpsmqaqgerg.jpg
 photo DSC03968_zpspqmzgyqe.jpg
 photo DSC03971_zpsfyrkwgzs.jpg
 photo DSC03973_zpsfbqwyenm.jpg
 photo DSC03974_zps4ral4ff0.jpg
 photo DSC03975_zpsmztggb7h.jpg

As you can see, the new collection is full of beautiful colors and lovely patterns such as floral. My personal favorite: The outstanding maxi dresses, like the one I tried on:

 photo DSC03979_zps8w70ib48.jpg

Pic by Maria
Perfect for a summer wedding, or, why not, a special night-out.
[It was available only in size S (because we were in the preview) so I couldn't zip it haha]

 photo DSC03982_zpsgqekamyx.jpg
#nomakeupselfie (More pics on my instagram @thesugarplumfairy_net)

The Toi&Moi S/S collection will be soon available in stores!

It's all about the personal and individual style. #ToiMoiSS16

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Walking Dead Meet&Greet party

Huh? Is this a zombie?

 photo DSC03987_zpst2t8d1so.jpg

Oh my Gosh yes it's a zombie oh my gosh oh my gosh

 photo DSC03988_zpspbihkwel.jpg

Why is this man taking a selfie with the other zombie? Shouldn't he be afraid? WHAT IS HAPPENING PEOPLE???

 photo DSC03989_zpsjmpnkxej.jpg

Ah, yes. We are at the Loft by Collage, and Fox Channel is hosting a 'Walking Dead' party. I remember now.

 photo DSC03995_zpsobltquyc.jpg

We're in season 6 already? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL???

 photo DSC03997_zpsj2sfqjjl.jpg

Ehm, I'll pass. Thanks.

 photo DSC03999_zpsyozwk0lf.jpg

Can't say no to a cocktail though

 photo DSC04000_zpsgyxsr8yq.jpg

Don't worry about my leg, I mean, look what happened to Carl

 photo DSC04005_zps4esogqft.jpg

That's my post-apocalyptic soulmate by the way. He's Rick's nephew. Yeah.

 photo DSC04012_zpsrpieq5ff.jpg

Dark roses, for all those we lost.

 photo DSC04013_zpsaizb2gs4.jpg

I think we're waiting something...or someone.

 photo DSC04018_zpslsvfhae5.jpg

Mikeius and Malliatsis? What are they doing with the walkers?

 photo DSC04023_zpswdxnhszz.jpg

I think they're our hosts. I also think that Mikeius is being attacked.

 photo DSC04025_zpshbcev4ie.jpg

Ok, everything's cool.

 photo DSC04028_zpsfjus4ja0.jpg


 photo DSC04035_zpsvr6bvkcu.jpg

While the walkers get back to their cage, some people are coming up the stage...

 photo DSC04036_zpsmifwdd4a.jpg

 photo DSC04038_zpsq7zqpsnl.jpg

Also known as Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, Ross Marquand and ehm, Greg Nicotero. They gave mini interviews to the Youtube comedians and the highlight was Josh McDermitt being asked about his mullet (He said it's not just for the show, he actually rocks it irl)

 photo DSC04043_zpscralaecc.jpg

Enough with the talking, let's go hug Ross.

 photo DSC04044_zps1jesynhj.jpg

He is 10x more handsome in real life.

 photo DSC04045_zpsazuib6rr.jpg

Just look at this man. Look at him. Abraham Ford everybody. In a suit.

 photo DSC04046_zps2e6cfyij.jpg

Babe and Greg. He also took a picture with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) but it's in his phone.

 photo DSC04052_zpsa1bnfnbi.jpg

Group picture time!

 photo DSC04053_zpsnfk27mmr.jpg

Ross Marquand is like, the sweetest thing in the world.

 photo DSC04054_zpsgfvmvxxg.jpg

Just look at him.

 photo DSC04056_zpsoctfce6z.jpg

Better than the Ellen DeGeneres selfie.

 photo DSC04060_zpsvslxdkbq.jpg

I'm telling you, this is what pure happiness looks like.
 photo walkingdead_zpsauzsoq1t.jpg

Picture from the Fox facebook page

The party was incredibly great, and it's safe to say that the Walkers lost us. For now.
(Bonus pics on my instagram page!)

“The Walκing Dead”continues on FOX, with the new episodes of the 6th season broadcasted every Monday, at 22:45, less than 24 hours after their first airing in the USA. FOX is available in Greece through Nova, OTE TV, Vodafone TV and Cyta Television. All new episodes and box-sets from all previous “The Walking Dead” seasons are also available on-demand through FOX Play.