Monday, March 7, 2016

Toi&Moi: The Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Some pics that I took at the Toi&Moi presentation the other day at the Kifisia store (34, Kiriazi str):

 photo DSC03984_zpssuofujfk.jpg
 photo DSC03961_zpsihwa99qx.jpg
 photo DSC03966_zpsmqaqgerg.jpg
 photo DSC03968_zpspqmzgyqe.jpg
 photo DSC03971_zpsfyrkwgzs.jpg
 photo DSC03973_zpsfbqwyenm.jpg
 photo DSC03974_zps4ral4ff0.jpg
 photo DSC03975_zpsmztggb7h.jpg

As you can see, the new collection is full of beautiful colors and lovely patterns such as floral. My personal favorite: The outstanding maxi dresses, like the one I tried on:

 photo DSC03979_zps8w70ib48.jpg

Pic by Maria
Perfect for a summer wedding, or, why not, a special night-out.
[It was available only in size S (because we were in the preview) so I couldn't zip it haha]

 photo DSC03982_zpsgqekamyx.jpg
#nomakeupselfie (More pics on my instagram @thesugarplumfairy_net)

The Toi&Moi S/S collection will be soon available in stores!

It's all about the personal and individual style. #ToiMoiSS16

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