Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All about shoes: Superga-Crocs-Florsheim-Vagabond

Today's post is about 4 shoe brands and their Summer collection (already in stores), as well as a preview of the F/W 2016-2017 collections. Shall we start browsing?

Superga, our all time favorite sneakers:

 photo DSC04086_zpsjmdfygse.jpg

 photo DSC04087_zpsixe2csgj.jpg
 photo DSC04093_zpsvlgsbr66.jpg
 photo DSC04099_zps9gjgyhhh.jpg
 photo DSC04083_zps2n5nirt9.jpg
 photo DSC04094_zpsqnvdq6dz.jpg
 photo DSC04098_zpspuoaqtlm.jpg

A preview of the Superga F/W collection:

 photo DSC04106_zpswewrz3c3.jpg
 photo DSC04108_zpsghqlclbr.jpg
 photo DSC04110_zpsk7bq2zpu.jpg
 photo DSC04115_zpsf6d0zmx6.jpg

Let's move on to the Crocs summer collection, which isn't all about their notorious beach shoes:

 photo DSC04120_zpsoe2cbdmn.jpg
 photo DSC04125_zpsiiv0i5hg.jpg
 photo DSC04123_zps9p9doteb.jpg
 photo DSC04124_zpspwfg1afg.jpg
 photo DSC04128_zpsyb86wazv.jpg
 photo DSC04130_zpsmxa7acko.jpg

A preview of the Crocs F/W collection:

 photo DSC04133_zpsftux7ako.jpg
 photo DSC04134_zpsnbh7zdkk.jpg
 photo DSC04136_zpskqi0emgi.jpg
 photo DSC04138_zpsvqgqno5c.jpg
 photo DSC04139_zps7li2fzrz.jpg
 photo DSC04142_zpst66jua5n.jpg

Florsheim, shoes for men only:

 photo DSC04147_zpsochanws9.jpg
 photo DSC04150_zpsmowangzg.jpg
 photo DSC04149_zpsyhodlpu1.jpg

And a peak in their F/W collection:

 photo DSC04153_zpsu6kogjxg.jpg
 photo DSC04152_zpspwoyzucq.jpg

And last but not least, my personal favorite: Vagabond

 photo DSC04159_zps3ozyf6yr.jpg
 photo DSC04165_zpsvs0ipmtu.jpg
 photo DSC04166_zpskf0dlp7x.jpg
 photo DSC04160_zps52j7urfl.jpg

A look into the F/W collection:

 photo DSC04167_zpsn8tg1wpn.jpg
 photo DSC04171_zps8nps7b8t.jpg

Thanks for joining us today, have a cupcake.

 photo DSC04181_zpsejllov1e.jpg
 photo DSC04187_zpslnlyawot.jpg